Consumers Reports Evaluate Air Purifiers

Los Angeles, CA

In addition to a mold inspection and allergen testing,, consumers may opt to run a home air purifier to filter the air within their home. Consumer Reports begin testing dozens of home air purifiers that promise cleaner air and easier breathing. Consumer Reports also provided tips on improving air quality indoors.

On average, $500 million per year is spent on air purifiers, and the results indicate that purchasing the most expensive machine is not always the best. there are many types of air filters, including a standard filters, electrostatic and HEPA filters.

The researchers tested each of the filters in a sealed room with clay dust and cigarette smoke. Using a particle analyzer, the researchers measured how much of the contaminants had been removed from the air.

The LightAir model, which costs $300, "was about as effective at removing smoke and dust as using no air cleaner at all," said Consumer Reports' Bob Markovich. Consumer reports recommends a Holmes air cleaner.

Consumer Report indicates that some simple changes at home could improve the

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