I recommend a real estate mold inspection when purchasing your home

Rose Harris, Senior Director of Luxury Sales, Douglas Elliman on Green Living Gray Miami

Agent (MA): What is the most important test that a Realtor should do to protect the buyer and their family when purchasing a new home?

Rose Harris (RH): I’ve been a Realtor in Miami for over 30 years. Real estate is my passion, and so is green living and a healthy lifestyle. One of the things I do to help protect my buyers when purchasing a home is to make sure they do environmental testing. I am a major advocate of performing radon testing, which is the test for radioactive gas in the home. Most realtors are not aware that Miami-Dade is in a number 2 radon zone, and
although not a required test as in most other Florida counties, radon gas is the second highest cause of lung cancer deaths in the country. One in every 15 homes has a high level of radon most people are not aware of. A radon test requires a small machine to be left in the home for two days while all door and windows remain closed. This will determine the level of radon gas in the home. If the result is over 4 pCi/L, radon is evident. Levels higher than 4 pCi/L are considered 35 times higher than what is allowed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This is a serious problem in our indoor environment as we live in air-conditioned closed-up homes. In order for the radon to dissipate, homes need to be better ventilated with doors and windows opened daily. However, the good news is there are systems that can be installed to remediate the radon, keep the air moving, and provide cleaner and circulating air.

MA: What are some of the other ways you protect your clients from in-home environmental hazards?

RH: The other inspection I am adamant in doing is a complete mold inspection. No matter how new the home is, good indoor air quality is a must. Since we spend at least 12 hours per day in our homes, we must be vigilant about any apparent moisture, visible or not. Mold can be caused by A/C and roof leaks, wet drywall, especially from windows, and shower area moisture which, if not treated, can cause spores to grow. Once these spores disperse, they will infiltrate many areas in the home. But once again, we are able to remediate mold by removing the drywall and replacing the areas with new, non-toxic barriers for good indoor air quality and safe for living environments. LEED Standards are becoming crucial, as well as environmentally safe products are paramount to buyers of today. I am proud to say, I am a resource for all things green regarding home building and home renovating as I resourced it for my own home. I am knowledgeable on the best non-toxic paint, best non-toxic drywall and non-formaldehyde cabinetry and flooring. I am a believer in non-toxic landscape fertilizer and weed killers that will not harm our children and environment. I am also profoundly committed to the best detergents and home cleaning supplies that will not affect our skin and body. Last but not least, I believe all homes should have a good water purifying system. That is mandatory on my list.

MA: What are some of the benefits saltwater pools offer over chlorine pools?

RH: Hair! All kidding aside, chlorine/Clorox is not only bad for our hair but our bodies. A salt water chlorination system facilitates a process that prevents damage to our skin and lungs. This is a much better alternative to today’s chlorine pools. I am happy to share with my colleagues and clients my personal list of trustworthy vendors that specialize in green living and environment. - See more at: https://miamiagentmagazine.com/2016/05/04/viewpoints-rose-harris/#sthash.qJ26bMXN.dpuf

Our Comprehensive Mold Inspection Includes:

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· Air/surface mold sampling

· A mold report on our findings

· Solutions for Mold Removal!

A Certified Mold Inspection performed at your home or office by a Certified Mold Inspector will identify water damage and Mold Growth. Mold Inspections-San Diego.com is a Professionally Certified Mold Inspection Company serving San Diego County, and most of Southern California. We are known for our highly trained professionals, quick response times, and affordable mold inspection prices.

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