Peruvian Beetles found in the San Deigo Ports

A beetle never found on American soil has just made its way into San Diego via a shipping container full of Peruvian bananas. This type of beetle has been known to ravage over 300 different types of crops. Authorities have isolated the containment and waiting for further verification.

Gymnetis Pantherina, commonly known as the beetle had been found during an inspection by a U.S. Customs and Border Agrictulture Specialist at the port of San Diego. The beetle has been sent to U.S. Department of Agriculture for species identification.

"Keeping this pest out of the nation saves American agricultural industry from the expense of eradication, and the hardship of finding their crops damaged by a new danger," said Pete Flores, acting director of Field Operations for CBP in San Diego to NBC News.

"By stopping bugs at the border, before they can enter the United States for the first time, CBP officers and agriculture specialists protect this vital American industry," Flores said.

Authorities have learned that this is in fact the Gymnetis Pantheria, capable of destroying plants and crops. the authorities have decided to treat the container of bananas rather than return or destroy the shipment.

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